The not so GREAT Act…

In yet another attempt to privatize education (this time at the University level), Senator Bennett (D-CO) re-introduced the Growing Education Achievement Training Academies for Teachers and Principals Act (GREAT Act). The bill would eliminate the role of teacher preparation programs in universities, and introduce teacher preparation academies run by private, for-profit companies. Despite a lack of details on the requirements of the academies — both in terms of the instructors and the candidates — the candidates would exit the academies with the equivalent of a Master’s degree in education.

Further, we are looking again at the placement of unqualified and underprepared individuals in our highest needs schools.

Please contact your Representatives and let them know that you oppose this bill. AACTE has set up a letter and auto response for you to easily send.


3 thoughts on “The not so GREAT Act…

  1. Will do. Unbelievable how intensely we work at displaying a front to indicate that we care about improving education in this country, while supporting actions that evidence otherwise.

  2. How can we expect the profession of teaching to be respected if this is allowed? What worries me is that the public, in general, has seem to have bought into the idea that the private community has all the answers for education. When will someone in our government actually stand up and say, “Why don’t we ask educators what they think?”

  3. James King says:

    First, good to get this heads up. As far as what to do, It is a matter of contacting Representatives in DC, complete with a possible message that they may use as text in their education-supportive responses. Educators must TEACH their representatives how to stand up for the profession. Clearly the lesson did not take the first time through the process.

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